Frequently Asked Questions About AI Writing Assistants

FAQ on AI Writing Tools

Is there an AI that can write a real article?

The answer is yes. There are many AI writing tools that can generate content for you.

Some of them are free but the ones that create the most professional output are paid.

The most popular AI writing assistants include:

The new GPT-3 system has enabled an explosion of high quality text generation writing assistants.

How to write articles using AI?

The process is very simple indeed, just choose your software (Jasper is a personal favourite) and then tell the AI the name of the article, a few headings or details and it will do the rest. Fast.

Jasper itself works better the more text it has to base its article on. Rytr is also ideal for producing articles at great scale and in double quick time.

  1. Choose a compelling topic. Instead of letting the AI pick a topic for you, it works best to select one you already find interesting and believe readers will care about. The AI will then generate more focused, relevant content if given a clear seed topic to start from. Consider trending news events, unusual discoveries or research in a field you follow, or an original how-to idea.
  2. Provide background context. Give the AI 2-3 sentences explaining the backdrop around this topic so its writing stays grounded in real facts and significance. For instance, for a health science article, briefly mention an illness' symptoms and risks to frame the topic.
  3. Let the AI draft core content. Now prompt the AI to write a rough first draft covering the key points for you. GPT-4 and Claude for example can generate multi-paragraph articles from just a few phrases. Tell it the word count goal and optionally the tone or audience. The AI will return cohesive, readable content to work from or pull excerpts from.
  4. Tighten structure and flow. Chances are the AI draft contains useful passages but needs some reorganization. By studying its output for the most compelling bits, rearrange and tweak the language to build a structured article with smooth transitions. Ask the AI to also refine confusing sections.
  5. Add your own voice and research. To make the final article feel authentic and insightful rather than just synthesized, work in some of your own commentary and research findings. Replace any questionable claims from the AI with facts from reliable sources. Also finesse the tone to sound more human where needed.

Proofread closely, run plagiarism checks if publishing, and carefully fact-check any articles written with AI assistance.

What is artificial intelligence copywriting software?

Artificial intelligence copywriting software is a tool that can generate content for you. It can be used to generate blog posts, articles, and even social media posts.

The AI copywriting software is not a complete replacement for human writers, though it’s getting close. It can help content writers ending any writer’s block you may have as well as being able to generate content ideas at scale.

AI writing assistants are becoming increasingly popular in marketing companies and they are also used by freelancers. Some companies use them when they need to generate content for a specific topic or niche they may not have experience in.

Digital agencies are beginning to use AI to generate all kinds of content in their work for clients. There are many software tools and services available that help in creating content. These tools vary from writing software to blog engines to article generators. Some examples are Quillbot, Rytr and Writesonic.

See this page for a more comprehensive list of AI writing tools.

How to use AI text generator to improve your writing?

One way to do this is to use a tool like Quillbot, a tool which can easily enhance your writing, simply by pasting your text in and pressing a button.

For example you can enter your piece of writing into the Quillbot interface and then select the ‘formal’ setting to have it rewritten into more formal sounding language.

There are also a number of different settings that allow you to adjust the voice that is used to rewrite the text. ‘Creative’ can generate some really interesting results, but make sure you check for accuracy.

What are the Best AI article generator tools?

Jasper is an Artificial Intelligence text generator that has received thousand of 5 star reviews.

Rytr is an artificial intelligence-powered text generator that has also received many thousand five star ratings.

Kafkai is another popular text generator, it was designed by an experienced group of SEO marketers and has specialisations in many difference niches of writing.

It really depends what your needs are as to which is the best tool, they all have different strengths and weaknesses.

What is an AI text generator?

An AI text generator is a software that can generate text based on a given topic. They can be used to automate various writing tasks, such as generating high quality articles for websites, Twitter and Facebook posts and can even create long form blog posts, with a little guidance.

The AI text generator is not a replacement for human writers.

They are a great way of helping with your writer’s block, if you suffer from it at any point!

Some applications of AI-driven text generators are as follows:

  1. Content Generation for Websites

  2. Using AI-generated text, websites can make blog posts more lively and engaging. Being able to publish quality content on a regular basis helps in retaining your audience by building trust and credibility.

  3. Blogs

  4. Blogs with AI-generated content are able to attract a wider audience and build trust by providing interesting new content on a regular basis.

  5. Social Media

  6. Social media posts generated by AI can be used to increase engagement and boost user’s loyalty towards the brand.

  7. Facebook or Google Ads

  8. Many AI systems such as Jasper or Rytr have specific settings for creating highly converting pay per click text ads.

What are the Best AI writers for beginners?

From my experience so far probably the easiest tool to use (and therefore the best for beginners) is Rytr. It has a very easy to use interface and help bubbles that pop up so you quickly find your way round the interface.

It will do the research for the article and then write the article with very little input from the user. Just give it a title, and you are away. Check out this video to see the exact process.

What is a GPT-3 article writer?

GPT-3 was developed by an artificial intelligence programme using deep learning artificial neural networks and machine learning techniques to create writing that is indistinguishable from human created text.

What distinguishes GPT-3 from other programmes is that it is the first to learn to write like a human without being trained by computer scientists.

The algorithms underlying this technology may be thought of as brain patterns that determine how humans learn to write.

GPT-3 writes with excellent grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The technology is capable of generating thousands of articles and books in a single day by studying millions of articles and volumes on Google Books and other websites.

It is capable of analysing any piece of text, as well as an existing article or book, in a matter of seconds. It then captures the user's preferred writing style for any future articles they choose to create.

The words that GPT-3 remembers may be used to construct complete paragraphs, as well as to generate synonyms, antonyms, and a complete dictionary of all words and phrases. It will then automatically plan phrases that will be followed by other paragraphs, all of which will be completed using powerful natural language processing algorithms.

GPT-3 generates sentences and paragraphs that are saved in a dedicated database for future usage on the web or in other applications.

GPT-3 articles are 100 percent plagiarism-free, since the technology utilises artificial intelligence to generate completely unique content.

How can AI writers help you create automated content?

  1. Concise and coherent writing

  2. This is a new generation text generator that incorporates deep learning and natural language processing, so it can produce high-quality text at an amazing speed. With the help of GPT-3 AI, all you have to do is input your ideas and then press the “Generate Text” button to get perfect outputs in minutes instead of days or weeks.

  3. Highly efficient

  4. Perfect option for writers regardless of their writing talent. It will reduce a lot of time and trouble for you when writing text.

  5. Writing a new article is as easy as creating a new document

  6. After using GPT-3 AI to complete the first part of your new article, all you need to do is input the keywords in the second part of your article and press the “Generate Text” button again. The AI will automatically create another paragraph for you. The whole process is so simple that it takes only seconds.

  7. They make the writing process more fun

  8. The AI makes your writing process much easier by freeing you from the pain of thinking about sentence structure, paragraph structure, word order, and related issues. It is much more fun to write articles with the help of this new tool.

  9. GPT-3 AI produces high-quality writing straight out the box

  10. The natural language generation system uses deep learning and natural language processing technologies. This means that it can produce the most accurate text quickly and efficiently.

  11. You can write in different languages

  12. Ai can work with multi-language support, so you have no limitations in using it for other languages besides English. For example Rytr supports 34 different languages and counting!

How can AI help with resume writing?

The use of AI is increasing in the professional world. The use of AI-powered resume writing services and tools is also on the rise. Some professionals are even using these services and tools to improve their resumes and CV.

Digital headhunters have started using AI for recruiting candidates. They use AI to scan through resumes and identify potential candidates who are a good fit for the position that is being advertised.

Resume generators are designed to be easy to use and provide you with the opportunity to create your resume in a matter of minutes.

They can also generate content for your resume, which is perfect for people who don't have any experience in writing resumes or those who want to stand out from other applicants.

Quillbot for example has unique features that can make it one of the best tools for ‘sprucing up’ your existing CV. It can rewrite your existing CV to sound more formal, or you can try firing up the ‘creative’ setting to add some pzaz.

Who uses AI in the creative industry?

  1. Those requiring textual analysis

  2. This is a critical function in the age of content publishing on the Internet, when we are inundated with a growing amount of text published by an massive number of different online publishers and writers.

    Without human involvement, automated text analysis will quickly detect plagiarised content which reduces time spent on editorial.

    This functionality is often used to monitor for any new copyright infringement appearing on third-party websites.

  3. Translators

  4. Thanks to artificial intelligence, tremendous progress has been made in developing professional translation automation technologies, which have increased access to content in multiple languages.

    Additionally, AI eliminates the danger of human error while accelerating the time-to-market for translated material.

  5. Content producers

  6. Artificial intelligence aides in the move to personalised content curation and audience segmentation within newsletters.

    Each reading group receives unique content.

    Customers benefit from this technique because they receive items, news, and opinion pieces that are relevant to their preferences.

  7. SEOs

  8. Artificial intelligence assists in further optimising this process.

    It is capable of performing tasks such as keyword research, performance optimization, and distribution on its own.

    The result will be significantly increased relevancy and visibility of material, as well as increased blogging output.

  9. PPC Managers

  10. Artificial intelligence can massively help to reduce time spent on Pay Per Click management.

    Tools such as Jarvis and Rytr have their own settings for creating PPC ads for both Google and Facebook.

    Ads that are created using AI will give the creator an edge over their competition as well as streamlining the whole process.

    A tool called Adzis specifically uses AI for creating PPC adverts.

  11. Chatbots

  12. Publishers can develop clever bots to automate and personalise reader interaction.

    Bots, in the form of chatbots, are frequently utilised in the publishing sector.

    A bot is programmed to learn the human language and then answers queries in place of a person.

  13. Email marketers

  14. Artificial intelligence enhances marketing methods, especially e-mail marketing.

    This could be advantageous when it comes to tailoring emails.

    According to Zeta (a marketing business that specialises in customer lifecycle management), the average open rate for static emails in the media and publishing industry is approximately 19.24 percent.

    The figure soars to a huge 63.22 percent for personalised email which can be achieved with ease using AI tools.

How is artificial intelligence transforming the content writing industry?

One of the most sought-after applications of AI in the content marketing industry is AI copywriting. It has also been viewed as a potential threat to some content marketing businesses, with many fearing that AI will eventually replace them!

Fortunately, this concern is unfounded, as AI copywriting is not yet advanced enough to compete with humans for truly creative work.

When it comes to AI copywriting, there are still considerable restrictions. One of the most serious problems is its incapacity to develop entirely unique material. AI can create long form pieces, but there are restrictions.

The AI can write paragraphs, but it cannot decide which paragraphs sound best to follow along from each other and be truly creative. This fact should allay concerns some people voice that AI is going to steal their jobs.

Having said that, just because AI copywriting isn't advanced enough to write its own long form material doesn't mean these new writing assistants aren't useful.

AI copywriting software and services can be utilised in conjunction with human administration to assist with copywriting.

If you suffer writer's block, AI-assisted copywriting can be utilised to fill in gaps in articles when a content writer may be stuck or unsure of what else to write about.

Inputting a simple overview and topic keywords into an AI copywriting tool can help copywriters get a better notion of what they could write about.

In any AI application, it is critical that a real human examine any AI authored material to ensure that it corresponds with the rest of the article, your brand identity, tone, and that it is relevant to the actual topic at hand. Mistakes are still made.

There are still many things that AI cannot do, one of which is be creative - so why not check out what advantages these new text generators can offer you as a writer? You may find they can make you more efficient than you are now, without replacing you forever!

Should you use AI writers for your website?

The usage of artificial intelligence-assisted authors in blogs is a touchy subject. There are several advantages and disadvantages of using AI writers in blogs.

It is entirely up to individual blogs and bloggers to determine whether or not to use AI writers.

The debate over whether or not to deploy AI writers in blogs boils down to the situation's ethics. There are advantages and disadvantages to using AI writers in blogs.

Whilst AI writers are an excellent method to generate material that is both interesting and relevant to the reader, using them for blogs risks removing the human touch from blogging.

There are several advantages to producing material utilising one of the top AI writing tools.

For starters, you'll save time and money while still producing high-quality content for your blog or site.

Human interaction may include minor editing prior to uploading, particularly if you want niche or specialty information, but that is all.

What is the Best AI article generator for SEO? is the smartest and most advanced AI copywriting tool for SEO.

Product descriptions and long-form articles such as this blog post can be written with the help of this leading AI content writing dynamo.

It has been developed to generate human-like marketing text, and is now being employed by large corporations as well as startups and small businesses alike.

Jasper is a browser-based tool that develops the most original content on the market and saves you hours of effort by speeding up the process of creating content.

There are numerous uses for this content marketing tool, including optimising product listings, blog posts and even YouTube video descriptions.

Advanced natural language processing algorithms are used to develop descriptions that are tailored to specific conversion goals, such as increasing click-through rates or converting visitors into customers. For an online marketer this technology clearly gives you an edge on the competition.

Additionally, Jasper is extra special as it connects to Surfer SEO, so you can create the absolute greatest SEO material imaginable.

How long does it take to generate content from AI?

This depends on which piece of software you use, but generally speaking once you have given the AI its seed content, or its paragraph titles, your content will literally be generated within seconds. Much faster than any writer anyway.

If you are using AI to generate articles in this way it is very important that you edit them quickly before publishing them as sometimes AI can confuse some meanings, though it is improving all the time. This is probably the most time consuming aspect of creating content with AI.

What is the Best AI article generator for bloggers?

If you want the AI solely to produce blog content then you might want to take a look at Rytr. It is very good at producing blog posts with very little information to work on.

You can see a video of Rytr producing a 1000 word article here. It does a very good job. If you are looking for something more advanced with more in depth features then you might want to take a look at the highly acclaimed

How do I use AI to generate copy?

Most AI tools require very little input in order to create something that sounds like it has been written by a human.

In Rytr as well as other writing assistants, you can just give it a title to work with and it will come up with some headings, which the software can then generate relevant paragraphs for.

How can AI help with resume writing?

AI can take your existing CV and rewrite it in a more formal way as well as being creative where needed. Tools like Quillbot can be fed paragraphs which it will then rewrite in the way that you want.

You can choose settings such as ‘Formal’ to make things sound more professional or even expand your existing text using the ‘Expand’ mode.

Can AI write stories?

Yes it can. For example Rytr has a story telling setting.

Check Rytr out here.

Can I use AI to write a book?

Yes. Some AI writers are more useful than others for this task. There is software that has been developed specifically to write books.

Dabble is an example of this so if you want to use AI to write a book then you will certainly want to have a look at Dabble first. Check it out here.

Rytr also have a story plot creation mode.

Can AI write essays?

AI is certainly capable of writing essays. If you are looking to cheat on your homework though, you may want to reconsider. There is no point in replacing your brain work with AI, as you will no longer be learning how to create sentences and as well as assembling a story with your mind.

You could use an AI writing assistant to produce a simple essay and then edit it with your own inputs, making it your own. This way you are not letting the AI do everything, which is surely not a good idea for your educational development.

Is GPT-3 available?

Yes GPT-3 is present in pretty much every AI writing tool that you can get now. You can find out more about it here.

It has only been available to the public for a couple of years (since July 2020) but is already having an impact on how content generation can be used online.

What is the best sentence rephraser?

My personal favourite tool for rephrasing sentences is definitely Quillbot. It is easy to use and has very useful settings for rewriting text. As well as that it is very affordable.

It has become an essential tool for me as I work with a lot of text. It really is rather good, especially if you want to make your words sound more business-like or just quickly rewrite a description or paragraph.

Can I use GPT-3 to write articles?

Yes GPT-3 is now widely used in article creation. Most modern day writing assistants use this technology, including Jasper, Rytr and Writesonic as well as many other AI writing assistants.

GPT-3 is able to produce human sounding blog posts, with a little training you can have it create hundreds of articles for you at a very low cost.

Read more about doing this Here

Can Jasper write blog posts?

Yes Jasper can definitely write long form blog posts. It uses something called ‘Boss Mode’ to pretty much write on demand, once it has some text to seed the article.

This functionality is not unique in this though and you can use cheaper services than Jasper to create blog posts automatically.

Services such as Rytr and Writesonic can essentially produce very similar results but are a little bit cheaper.

Jasper does have some unique features however and its ability to interface directly with Surfer SEO can make it a unique tool in the arsenal of a marketing company.

Can AI write a song or poetry?

Yes it can. The best AI writing software for creating songs is probably Rytr, it has a mode specifically for this.

Check out Rytr’s song writing function here.

How do I use AI as a digital marketer?

AI can help you to create content in a number of ways. Firstly, it can evaluate the elements of a page that is currently ranking in the top ten listings of Google. The most well known piece of software for doing this is SurferSEO.

Once you have this data you can use AI to actually write the article itself. AI has the ability to write in many different tones so hitting that perfect marketing tone can help you to increase your conversions well beyond what can be achieved without using this critical data.

AI can also give you an advantage in the creation of your pay per click (PPC) adverts which it can do much more quickly than a person.

What's the app that writes your essays?

There are now many options for having an essay written for you. Check out all your options on this page. GPT-3 has changed the landscape as far as artificial intelligence writers are concerned.

Now they are able to sound very much like a human, but do need to be fact checked and edited nevertheless.

What is an AI writing assistant?

New pieces of software such as Jasper and Rytr are what we are now calling ‘writing assistants’.

They do go a bit further than merely being an assistant though as they can produce long form content in the blink of an eye.

As well as being able to create human sounding text in a particular human tone, these AI writing assistants can write marketing text for Google Adwords and much more.

They include Rytr, Quillbot., Writesonic, Copysmith, Jasper, Grammarly, Kafkai, Copy AI, Frase, Word AI, Simplified and Pro Writing Aid.

See this page for a pricing comparison.

Can you use AI to write PPC (Pay per Click) adverts?

You certainly can. Jasper has settings for Facebook as well as Google Ads, as does Rytr.

Using AI to write PPC ads can give you an edge on your competition as well as bringing down the cost of ad creation, when compared with say hiring an expensive PPC expert.

Is using a paraphrasing tool illegal?

Absolutely not. However, it depends what you do with the paraphrased content as well as how close to the original it is. And who owns the original.

If you publish it on the internet without thoroughly changing it and claim it to be your own then you could be opening yourself to problems.

Is there a website that can reword sentences?

There are now numerous AI writing assistants available online.

If you are looking to reword sentences then you will almost certainly find that Quillbot will be a huge help.

There are some free tools available online that do not use AI, but as far as I know there is no free tool that is anywhere near as good as Quillbot for rewording.

What is the best professional paraphrasing tool?

Quillbot probably has the best reputation for rewording.

It has an adjustable level for amount of syllable replacement, as well as numerous modes from 'Formal' to 'Creative' rewriting. It also has a simple interface so is very easy to use from the get go.

Are there any free ai content writing tools?

You can use the free tool over at Frase to rewrite paragraphs with ease.

Quillbot also has some limited free functionality so you can see how useful it is.

Writesonic will also let you write a small amount of text for free, and so will Rytr.